Collecting Accessories


  • Collecting wires of different sizes 
  • lenghts up to 3,5 meters 
  • Can be used togehter with any cut and strip machines.

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Twin Station Cable Coiler DTW400

  • Cable diameter:    2.0 – 18.0 mm
  • Coil diameter:    135 – 400 mm
  • Max. weight in pot:    10 kg
  • Minimum length:    2.0 m
  • The use of two pots ensures a particularly efficient production flow. While one pot is in the process of coiling, the operator can unload the second pot and release it by pedal.
  • The changeover between the pots is carried out automatically by means of the switch and the data exchange between the DTW400 and the delivering machine. Thereby stopp times are cut down to a minimum.

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Artos CD-17 Heavy Duty coiling system

  • Coils wires for easy handling
  • Three bowl sizes available, with quick change feature
  • Collects wires up to 25mm in diameter dependent on wire flexibility
  • Fully integrated with CS-327
  • Dual Bowl System allows one bowl to be loaded by thewire processing machine while the second bowl isunloaded

Cable Coiler WT-1

  • Both left and right rotation
  • Adjustable speed from 0 to 190 RPM
  • Programmable numbers of revolutions.
  • Overload protection
  • Fot pedal as option
  • Plate with adjustable pins available as option
  • Power 230Vac
  • Dimension 400 X 280 X 220 mm
  • Weight 9,6 kg